Sandy Lodge North Wales

The former Care Home will comprise of 22 beds across 4 distinct ward areas that provide a clinical pathway according to assessed level of need and personal progress. Each of the 22 rooms will provide individuals with their own generous sleeping and bathroom facilities with safe outdoor access. 

Each room will be fitted with robust fixtures and fittings that are able to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for people who need additional care can also, when appropriate, be fitted with technology to minimise direct support that can incite and prolong challenging episodes whilst maintaining safe observations. 

Furthermore, the hospital will provide ample communal areas to promote skill development, integration and socialisation with others and encourage the utilisation of community facilities.

Investment Highlight

• Prices £99,950 limited units available.
• 10% NET per year paid quarterly for 10 years.
• 110% buy back from year 6 increasing each year to maximum of 115% in year 10.
• 125-year lease.
• Independent Specialist Hospital.
• Renovation work is due to complete in Q1 2021.
• Headed by an experienced Medical professional and CEO currently in the field.

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